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Over The Top (OTT) Bypass Fraud

OTT Bypass Loss Investigation Ubiquitous communications technologies have provided impetus for widespread adoption of mobile Internet access. The mobile Internet has given rise to a plethora of over-the-top (OTT) applications. It is difficult to ignore the dramatic impact of OTT players on mobile operator (MNO) revenues. Effectively, the OTTs transit operator facilities via the edge of the network without compensating for apportioned infrastructure development costs nor other industry related taxes, fees or regulation oversight, such as the recent Title II decisions by US federal courts. Recent advancements have made many seasoned telecom veterans ponder this cause and effect on their operations and revenues.

Today, perpetrators are illegally changing traditional means of international termination traffic. In a normal scenario, the onus is on the calling operator to pay the termination fee whenever a voice call or SMS is connected to the called operator for terminating a call on its network. However, due to the expansion of smart phones and OTT services, operator’s revenue streams are at risk.

OTT Bypass Mitigation of Loss With the use of Purge Fraud’s Proprietary OTT Bypass Deep Analysis Process, we will have identified which OTT company has been unlawfully terminating messages and calls through your network. In conjunction with your internal billing and accounting office, we can jointly determine the economic impact. Armed with this information, documented as evidence. We address this with the regulatory agency, not you. Politically speaking, it is the same as trying to represent yourself in court. It does not work well. We know that the regulator will likely not permit you to block to OTT signal, and in reality, we do not want that to happen as it will take everything out in the open. Once in the open, everyone will side with the public’s outcry to have free services and you lose. No! We only want the regulatory authority to bend their arm and force them to sit with us, with the potential of government intervention if they do not bargain. And somewhere between the maximum loss we reveal less the assumed income from unused bandwidth in your customers’ pre or postpaid plans, will be a palpable number in your favor. The pricing for Phase II is negotiable but generally speaking is expenses, cost plus per diem, with our negotiating a percentage of the mitigated earnings over time. Bottom line, you are not at risk for large fees as would be the case if you hired a third party such as an auditing/accounting or legal firm charging by the minute.



SIM Box is Located Within the Network of the Home Operator

In this scenario, calls from other networks are delivered to the Home Operator and terminate on the Home Operator’s network, thus appearing as on-net mobile-to-mobile calls. Again, these calls bypass the international/national gateway switch and standard termination fees for such traffic. This configuration also causes serious concerns regarding quality of service, congestion, spectrum management and network utilization.


Why OTT Bypass
Could Kill Voice Revenues

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